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About Us

Texcorp Solutions (PTY) LTD is a youth owned South African based company that provides quality information technology Services (ITs).

  • Projects Completed on Time
  • Intergrity and Value added
  • Exceptional Execution for Projects

The company has initially provided quality services for both domestic and regional companies located within the Sub-Saharan region, as far as Botswana Gaborone. The company has provided a number of services such as Mobile Application Development (MAD), Website Development Services, E-Learning, IT Support, ICT Support, Networking, Web hosting, Email Hosting, IT Connectivity, WIFI Installation and maintenance, CCTV Camera installation and setup, and more to various and institutions referenced in its website.

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We Develop The Right Digital Tools for your Business

We craft standard, reliable & efficient SaaS solutions that are market ready.

  • 01 Mobile Design and Analytics

    We know how to design a perfect mobile app. With 10+ successful projects behind our backs, we provide our clients with Android app solutions tailored to their business needs. From idea formulation to the support of already developed products — we have your back all the way even after release.

  • To have your own IT department, you don't always need to spend lots of time and commit extensive resources. You can hire our dedicated team. Texcorp Solutions IT guys will do their best to bring your software to the top.

  • Proficient in many of domains, our qualified specialists will dive in your business processes in order to find the best software solution for your business.


Join 100+ growing businesses that uses Texcorp Solutions services to drive Customer Experience and grow their business

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Mobile App Development100%
Website Design 100%
IT Support 100%
Graphic Design 95%


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Website Design/ Development

Texcorp knows how much efforts and expertise it takes to create a good web product. our teams of developers have been delivering solutions that work stable and effectively.

Mobile App development

Texcorp mobile application team performs iOS, Android and cross-platform projects, does all of the preparatory work and provides additional app support.

IT Support

Proficient in many of domains, our qualified specialists will dive in your business processes in order to find the best software solution for your business.

Hardware & Software Supplier

We supply all different types of hardware and software through our partnerships with most of South Africa’s major importers.

Revolutionize your business with Texcorp Solutions

Take your business to the next level with Texcorp Solutions - unleash the power of innovative software solutions today!


Join the cutting-edge revolution with Texcorp Solutions! Take your business to new heights. Click here to discover the power of IT excellence. Choose Texcorp Solutions

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  • Mobile App
  • IT Support
  • Web and Graphic Design

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Website Development

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With Texcorp Solutions team of professionals, it’s like having your own in house web developer, IT Support, Software Developers and trusted friends in the business, that are always there, all for an affordable rate.

Website Development

from R250per month

  • Unlimited pages
  • E-Commerce Functionality
  • SEO optimization
  • Wordpress / custom / cms
  • Free Hosting
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IT Support

from R250per hour

  • Data & Security
  • Onside and remote support
  • Software suport
  • Computer repairs
  • Wifi and Networks
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How It Works: Our Process

Building Custom Software requires a proven process to achieve the goals of the project. We’ve honed our skills and process over the years and know what needs to be done to achieve results.

  • 01 Schedule a Call or email us!

    It starts with a simple call with us. We will listen to what you need and want and give you straightforward advice about what needs doing.

  • Once we have our needs and wants, we will provide you with a summary proposal with a broad estimate of what it will take in terms of time, complexity and cost to deliver what you want. with a project initiation fee quote/invoice.

  • Before you build a house, you need the architect’s drawings. The same applies to custom Software. You need to scope it out and flesh out the requirements together with a basic visual illustration of the requirements. This helps everyone be on the same page, and for a more accurate costing of your project to be given. we do all the documentation ( SRD and SDD SDLC)

  • Once a project’s requirements are known, a full visual prototype that you can click through is completed so that everyone knows exactly what the software will look like and how it will get used. This helps you verify that what you want is what you need and will achieve your goals.

  • Now that a prototype is built, a revised theme of the look and feel is done to guide the team on how your custom software is truly custom and built around your brand guidelines. This also fleshes out many points regarding the user experience and how the software should be built to achieve a valuable and meaningful experience to your end-users.

  • With the major planning done, the development can start. Your project is broken down into releases and sprints. Each release is a fully workable product that you can start using, instead of having to wait for everything to be built. Sprints are time-boxed to 2-week cycles, where the team works on certain features within that time period with the goal of demonstrating those features at the end of the sprint. Once a few sprints and features are complete, the release is completed and released to your user base.

  • This is where your project shines and our team can help you build and enrich your software with features based on user feedback. This is arguably the most valuable phase of any project and the most underestimated. Your users are key to the success of your software project, so we use them as much as possible to improve the product and process.

  • At this stage, we’ve gone through 2-3 releases of your software. It’s stable, actively used and is achieving your objectives. You can now scale the software and your business and we will continue to support you during your growth.


Our desire is to fulfil the need for quality, stable and reliable services to the businesses and individuals in need of our services basically in south Africa. Our vision is to Upgrade business systems by integrating them with a technological aspect of dealings, therefore enhance the business with a well-equipped system


342 - Zone F Lebowakgomo, Polokwane, Lmpopo South Africa, 0736


+27 087 510 2012

063 410 5509

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